A Big LEGO Sigh….

Lego 2010 (by Mr. Mandalorian)

It’s that time a year again. The days get a bit shorter, the air starts to cool, kids start to go back to school, and LEGO starts to find out they have leaks they need to plug. This fall, it seems that new LEGO Star Wars sets are to be expected, and oh are they some great sets! Let me go through each one, and explore the greatness to a further extent:

-Freeco Bike (?): This wonderfully designed penis speeder bike has all the features a speeder bike should have. A long nose, a cockpit, little engines, and landing gear. Yes, for what will probably be $15-$20US you can own this wonderfully random assortment of white parts. But, hey, if you don’t like those, you could always buy it for the figures…

-Droid Tri-Fighter: A blast from the past. This set looks fairly identical to the original Droid Tri-Fighter from back when Episode 3 was still all the rage. Actually, I am hoping it will be similar to the original, because the original had some great parts (awesome bricks anyone?). But, knowing LEGO, the design will be less complicated, price jacked up, and include random figures that they throw into most every set now…fucking Battle Droids anyway…

-TIE Defender: Yay, another excuse to use the TIE fighter cockpit. Really, how many more of these do we need? Well, at least it isn’t a redesign of any of the previous TIE variants we have had. It does use grey instead of blue like the others. What the hell LEGO, “good job” on this one…except, it’s probably gonna be a bit pricy, and probably a bit fragile…

-Battle Packs: Sigh…seriously LEGO? More Battle Packs? I really should be use to these by now, but I just don’t want to be. LEGO took away the cheap sets, that had a lot of pieces for a great price (Tri-Fighter anyone?), took out all the pieces, added 4 figs, and a hand full of parts, and called them a set. Hell, if I was a collector of minifigs, or cared to have a huge army of them, it might be fine. However, I’m more of a piece collector, and these battle packs really don’t have anything worth buying.

So, to summarize, I’m not very thrilled with the new Star Wars sets, but obviously others are with comments like these:

Omg o.O

The battle packs look awesome!


I’m sold, how ’bout you?

6 Responses to “A Big LEGO Sigh….”

  1. LEGO hasn’t fully lost the cheap sets for SW if the landspeeder and impulse sets are any sign. I’m personally hoping for a larger comeback in 2010, with more sets in the 10-20 dollar range.

  2. Darth JoBak Says:

    If you saw the “search for R2” movie from LEGO you know that 2010 will have many BIG things, don’t worry your mind will be blown

  3. actually, I am really exited for the driod tri-fighter. Like you said, the previous was a great parts pack. This one, however, looks to be even better. I have a feeling that it will come with twice the number of those sweet SNOT bricks. Also it looks like it has four of the 3-blade prop bases in grey (as opposed to the 2 in dk blue from gen 1)

  4. The only thing I really mind is the prices… I know the price/part ratio is nearly the same as it was years ago, but I can’t shake the strange feeling I get when I flip through the latest LEGO catalog and see sets for $70 that seemed like they would have been $30 back in the 90s.

  5. go look at the price/parts ratio of the original star wars sets, you will feel much better.

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